October // 2017

Newlands Spring Market Take 1

Sunday the 8th October, what a day in Cape Town market history!

4536 people made their way down to the iconic Newlands Brewery Oval to experience the inaugural Newlands Spring market set under the Devils Peak mountains.

A typical spring day in Cape Town saw, hard to believe punctual, Capetonians dressed in K-way jackets on the search for coffee at the 9am opening time. Hazz coffee had a queue longer than that of the Newlands spring water queue on a weekday. Too soon?

By 11am the market was in full force. Families, friends, kids, dogs, live music. The scenes were set for a wholesome day out in the Southern Suburbs. After breakfast the queues slowly shifted from coffee to something a bit more crisp and refreshing. The Newlands spring brewery bar was alive. Longtime friends reunited from school and varsity days. Sharing Tin Roof stories and laughs.

The Catch of the Day Wine bar was overwhelmed. White wine on tap was the order of the day. Market goers had a first hand opportunity to try the all new Wine on Tap offering with nothing but good reviews after coming back to refill their carafes the third time around. Even with our speed of service coming from a tap our queues continued to grow, hardly allowing us to tell the story of the wine that almost got away. How could we have prepared for this many people?

newlands spring market
As lunch time came the live music was serenading. Good vibes all round despite the well hidden manic nature of the vendors preparing and serving their food offerings. Scheckter's Raw Organic, who were placed beside us, were undoubtedly the crowd favourite with delicious vegan burgers and hot dogs pleasing the health conscious majority of the crowd. Although we never got the opportunity to leave our stall to experience the others we might have seen The Poke co selling out before noon.

I could go on and on about how great the day was but one might never imagine it. This leaves only one option, head on down to the second instalment of The Newlands Spring Market. 17th December, same place new everything!

October // 2017

Why(ne) on Tap?

restaurant wine cape town
It's the quench to South African wine drinkers thirst! You can now look forward to drinking premium wine sourced from around the Western Cape at half the price. Catch of the Day Wines sets out in search of the hidden gems and those that could have got away, if you will. Served to you at perfect temperature. From a Tap!

After many years of drinking wine the traditional way (that in bottle and cork) my drinking experience changed forever. A few friends and I stumbled upon this unsuspecting bar in South West London one perfect rainy summers eve. As the gentleman that I am I offered to get the first round. While stood in line I perused the options. Taps on taps of beer, German, Australian, Dutch, English it went on and on. Colourful branding badges attracting the eye to make that all so important purchase but those weren't what caught my eye that night. Against the wall I happen to see a free standing tap with the words Pinot Grigio written in chalk. From a tap.. I had to try it. All those years of being a student drinking box wine to eventually graduating and being able to afford to drink in a british pub and there I go back to drinking from a tap. This was different. I had to ask the bar man what it was and where it was from, to which he enlightened me with a brief Burgendian story. Try before you buy he said. As he went to pour my tasting the slight shine of the stainless steel tap shone above the rest and the see through liquid being poured into Crystal glassware was something else. The wine was exceptional. Fresh. Crisp. Fruity. Cold.

After that night I was obsessed. The options were endless. I decided right there and then that sourcing bulk wine to be sold on tap was the future of Catch of the Day Wines. No more bottles, no more corks or labels. No more extra wasted expenses that are passed onto the customer. This wine will be sold by taste. Let the customer decide by enjoying the wine for what it is. For the colour, smell and what the taste does to the senses. By listening to your senses. Enjoy the story behind the wine told to you by knowledgeable wine servers. Don't be blindly lead by fancy labels and an overuse of overused adjectives. It's all the same while trying very hard to be different.

Don't get me wrong, wine will always be served in bottles the "traditional way", aged, collected, marvelled upon but the new school are coming in hot with a thirst for something different and not just the wack, colourful or pretty pictures printed on your labels different.

October // 2017

The Inside Guide

inside guide cape town
"top-drawer artisans and purveyors who’ll be vending from the venue is impressive: Culture Club Cheese, IYO Burgers, Hazz Cafe, Poke Co, Jar Bar, Experiential Cocktail Bar, Brew Kombucha, Candy Shoppe, Zang Chocolate, Jazzys Pizza, Woodstock Bakery, No Land Farming and Catch Of The Day Wines, along with a whole host of other favourites to join." - get more information @ insideguide.co.za

October // 2017

Hands-On Harvest in February

inside guide cape town
Want to experience what it is like to harvest grapes and make wine? Why not make a booking for you and your family to visit the Robertson Hands-On Harvest Festival in Feruary 2018? Activities include grape picking & stomping, blending & tasting, vineyard safaris, riverside lunches, food & wine pairing, hiking, mountain biking, 4x4, boat cruises and lots more family fun - get more information @ handsonharvest.com
"The Robertson Wine Valley is proud to host its 10th Hands-on Harvest festival. This down-to-earth Autumn celebration takes place 23 – 25 February 2018 and offers families a chance to experience the magic of harvest."  read more

October // 2017

Brand New Website...

You are looking at our brand new Catch of the Day Wine website which was launched in October 2017. If you have any queries, suggestions, would like to advertise or find any errors please email webmaster@catchofthedaywines.com

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