Each year, Catch of the Day sets out to find wines and wine styles that captivate, reward and offer exceptional value. As in angling, we’re never quite sure where our next catch will come from. Unlike angling, we always find the one that may have got away. In our travels, we make interesting discoveries: young winemakers on the cusp of becoming industry stars, terroir and varietals combined in new ways and, invariably, wines that in other livery would be 2, 3 or even 4 times the cost. At present, our route to the wine lover is through restaurants and we know what appeals to our market. And because we’re not estate-bound, we’re able to keep things interesting, vintage on vintage.

Our focus is on the lead cultivars and finding new and interesting expressions of them. Rather than grow the range, we concentrate on finding the special and the new. Catch of the Day is as much a name as it is a promise to wine lovers: it’s their catch too, that special wine that embodies being in the right place at the right time.

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Premium Wine on Tap South Africa

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With petainer kegs, not only the container but also the spear and fittings are 'one-way' - there are absolutely zero return and cleaning costs. PET petainer kegs are lighter than metal kegs, which carry the same volume of liquid. More kegs can therefore be fitted on each outbound vehicle. Outbound logistics costs are typically 20-30 per cent per hectoliter lower using petainer kegs than using metal kegs.

With wine on tap, you never have to worry about an open bottle decreasing in quality and losing flavour profiles. Wine in keg stays fresh, from the first glass to last. There is no oxidation, no corkage, no spoilage.

No oxidation = no wasted wine = no wasted money! There is nothing to recycle or throw away. Wine on tap is the most cost effective option for your by-the-glass program.

No time wasted pulling corks, recycling bottles or throwing away waste. Simply tap and pour the freshest, best tasting wines!

96% REDUCTION IN CARBON FOOTPRINT - 96% reduction in carbon footprint compared to wine poured from bottles over 20 years. Just one stainless steel keg sequesters the same amount of CO2 as 28 trees! Plus, each keg put into service saves 2,340 lbs of trash from the landfill over its lifetime.

Like the petainer kegs themselves, the casings are also designed for one-way use and are fully recyclable. They can be printed to users' specifications to create new opportunities for branding.

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Our range includes premium red and white wines at affordable prices distributed in kegs and we can connect to an existing line at your premises. If you want to offer quality wines and profit at the same time then we may have the solution for you.

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